AJAX. A year after.

I’m writing this right after the opening keynote of noted Douglas Crockford, creator of JSON. It’s been a year since the first AJAX conference took place here in New York. What has changed?

AJAX speakers have one thing in common – most of the time they like to talk about all kinds of issues that AJAX has. This conference has started on the same note. Douglas went through lots of issues that AJAX and deployment on the Web. Security, cross-scripting, lack of W3C standards that make sense in the real world, accessibility is not being addressed… Last year I’ve heard exact same things . Actually, there is something new this year: as per Douglas, there is about 200 AJAX frameworks available and he expressed hope that this would be a shake-up year and many of these frameworks will be gone in 2008. We’ll see.

One thought on “AJAX. A year after.

  1. I think AJAX has one great pro: it demonstrates that the network will be the platform for future applications. But something new is needed, something engineered from scratch having in mind the goal to reach. AJAX is a sort of Frankenstein creature, an assembly of technologies which are all born to serve other goals than developing desktop-like network apps. Maybe Flex or Apollo is the answer, I don’t know yet. I’ll go on studying.
    Regards, Alessandro Ronchi

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