Advanced Introduction to JavaScript

Some software developers have an impression that JavaScript is a second-league interpreted language with the main purpose of making Web pages a little prettier. The reality is different though. JavaScript is a powerful, flexible, dynamically typed language that supports object-oriented programming. JavaScript functions are the first class citizen that can live their own lives as opposed to Java’s methods. HTML5 becomes a new buzzword, but 80% of development time on such projects is spent writing JavaScript code.This presentation is a super-intensive overview of the modern JavaScript programming language.

I’ve recorded this¬†screencast¬†for the Fifth Annual Farata Symposium on Software Development.

Readers of my blog who want to enroll into my 6-session hands-on online course on JavaScript should use the promotional code yakov.js to get 30% off the tuition.

Yakov Fain

2 thoughts on “Advanced Introduction to JavaScript

  1. Yakov,

    What are software/hardware requirements to attend this on-line course?

    Thank you.


    • If you could watch this presentation your hardware is fine for my online-course. I’m using Aptana Studio IDE for teaching this class. This is all that’s needed.

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