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We are publishing a set of three articles (excerpts from our book) in ColdFusion magazine (October, November and December) on advanced DataGrid techniques. Let the name of the magazine not mislead you – thes articles are written for all Flex developers, regardless of what has server-side technology they use. Here is the url to all code samples from these articles:

Please note that source is available on the first page only. Also, was deploying in the rush – with debugging player you might see message boxes asking for debugger – just cancel them.



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  1. cleaned – at expense of getting fatter statically linked files – please try now – will repackage framework to be non-debug someday after 2.1 comes out

  2. Would you care to explain what would you call “advanced”?

    IMHO, we explicitly made things that are hard on developers “simple” by introducing “trivial” extensions. As a matter of fact we tried the article on people with 3+ and 6+ of Flex experience ( primary audience) and made sure that they can be followed while maintaining the interest.

    There are over 60 pages in the chapter, and 15 samples. Obviously, we could not have more code in 1 chapter.

    Anything beyond that level was very specific / custom. Good subject for blogs and forums, but would be impossible for intermediate book reader to follow.

    Please let me know what you would like to see in “Advanced” datagrid and I would be more then happy to add it to the next edition/online samples.


  3. Hi,
    I saw your demo at the MAX last year, very impressive. I want to see samples that have calculated colums for totals and maybe even subtotals. I see some examples but they are not clear enough. I have a grid filled with brands and how many cases each brand has sold for each month. at the bottom id like a total for the column. I also have some filters for the grid. So someone could pick just one brand and then have the total change to represent the data. Is this possible. It looked to me like your demo did just that.


  4. George,
    We are using SUperGrid control (our own), not DataGrid – it is fully compatible with datagrid, but is rewritten to use bands. We will be releasing beta of that control this or next week as the latest on, so please stay tuned.
    Thank you,

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