Adobe MAX 2008. Blog #2. Arrival.

Of all domestic air carriers, I like Continental the most.  They showed Mamma Mia and the food was bearable.  Last month, I was in the air for 14 hours flying to Japan, and now the trip across the USA is a piece of cake.

I have only carry luggage with me. This small bag has all the clothing I need for four days (4 t-shirts, four pairs of underwear, socks, three shirts, camera, laptop, over-the-shoulder laptop bag, toothbrush and shaver.

This bag fits nicely in the overhead compartments of most of the aircrafts. Two weeks ago, I was flying on a smaller plane to South Carolina. It didn’t fit up there, so I put it under the seat in front of me.
I’m writing this on Saturday, and tomorrow I’ll be spending 8 hours in the AIR workshop.  I wonder if anyone will offer me a technical solution… We’ve got a call from a potential customer that needs an AIR application that will allow to select some files from the disk, and on the click of a button, the application should open Microsoft Outlook window with selected files attached.  This doesn’t sound like a rocket science, but to the best of my knowledge, it’s not possible unless you engage some other programming language too, i.e. C++.  Please, anyone, prove me wrong!

After checking into a hotel, I went for a walk around the Union Square. There are two stores that I always visit when in town: Levy’s and Borders. I was a bit late for jeans, but the Borders was open – it has a good selection of magazines.  I bought the Photoshop magazine from UK ,  and Flash and Flex Developer’s Magazine printed in Poland but in English.  This is the first time I see this well done quarterly magazine. It even includes a CD with 11 useful Flash applications and a good selection of articles too. Who said that printed software magazines are dead? Go Poland, go!

It’s an interesting business model though – it’s not an outsourcing. A company from Poland (based on the names, the editorial is polish)  invites English speaking authors and targets English-speaking market.  Why not?

Early in the morning, I received an email with MAX daily news with the information about various conference events, which is pretty convenient.  The registration opens on Sunday morning at 7AM. I’ll  go there earlier – because of the three-hour time zone difference, my biological clock believes that it’s already 7AM, but it’s actually 4AM as I type this.

In the unlikely event if you believe that just reading my blogs about MAX won’t give you a complete picture, install a little program MAXimizr written in AIR that will aggregate the MAX-related news and display them in a nice panel on your desktop.

Stay tuned.

Yakov Fain