A Singleton that Flex Developers must know about

Don’t create new singletons – just use what you already have.

Each real-world software developer knows at least one design pattern – Singleton. Flex has some specifics in implementing Singletons due to lack of private constructors in ActionScript, but the goal of this little writeup is not to show you how to implement Singleton, but rather to discourage you from doing this because each Flex application already has a singleton – just use it.

I’ve recorded an eight-minute video that will shows how you can use the Application object as your one and only singleton when needed. See if you can answer the question that I asked at the end of the video.

This is one of many tricks and techniques that consultants from Farata Systems use while working on enterprise Flex projects, and we’ll continue to share them with you in the form of such mini demos as well as in one of our public seminars like the one on August 7 in New York City or on September 24-25 in London, UK.

Yakov Fain

One thought on “A Singleton that Flex Developers must know about

  1. I remember you mentioning this in the “Flex Architecture Faceoff” video at http://tv.adobe.com/#vi+f15384v1055

    So code-behind is used so that DynamicApplication extends Application with a public static variable named services of type Dictionary.

    I’ll pencil my answer in that the class does not have to be dynamic, but making it so allows you to add new static variables. Is that the case, or can you not add static variables at runtime to a dynamic class?

    Thanks for the video.

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