360Flex. Tuesday. Morning conversations


Was reading today’s schedule at one of the posters at 360flex conference.
A guy nearby said, “Highly recommend the talk ‘Caching and Synchronization in Flex'”.
“Are you the speaker?”
I’m in.


360Flex. Tuesday morning
-Hey, Yakov!
-Hi, Christophe! I really enjoyed your talk yesterday on the new Flex/Spring integration. In general, I’m not into frameworks, but this time just using the parts of Spring like adding a security piece makes sense.
-That’s right, and it’s not intrusive at all. Just use the module that you need. Is your talk later today?
-No, it’s tomorrow. “Flex Design Patterns  that Make Sense”
-Is it controversial? Are you planning to pick up a fight?
-As usual :).  I’m not a politically correct person. :)

Yakov Fain