Flex in Boston: early bird discount expires on Apr 6

March 31st, 2009 by Yakov Fain

The early bird discount for the two-day Flex workshop in Boston expires on Monday, April 6. Details at http://www.eventbrite.com/event/295389518.  Don’t say we didn’t warn you Those who are planning to learn Flex during weekends should consider the 2-weekend Adobe Certified… continue reading

Learn Flex in Two Weekends

March 25th, 2009 by Yakov Fain

Even though IT market is pretty much dead, Flex developers remain in great demand.  But some people just can’t take the time off work to learn Flex.  To address this demand, we are offering a two-weekend Certified Flex training that… continue reading

The future of the Web: I Disagree

March 24th, 2009 by Yakov Fain

Tim Bray, a Distinguished Engineer and Director of Web Technologies at Sun Microsystems has been interviewed by InfoQ about the future of the Web. With all my respect to Sun’s engineers, I have to disagree with some of the statements… continue reading

How to use Clear Data Builder with AIR applications

March 21st, 2009 by Victor Rasputnis

I’ve added a new How To entry to the Wiki section of  our open source Clear Toolkit framework. It explains the steps required to turn a CRUD Flex application generated by Clear Data Builder into an AIR application. The Wiki… continue reading

Public Certified Flex Training in New York, May 11-15

March 17th, 2009 by Yakov Fain

We’ve just announced the next public certified Flex training in New York City in May. It’s a 5-day training using Adobe’s original courseware where students learn Flex from scratch from well-known instructors, practitioners and book authors Yakov Fain and Dr…. continue reading

Search Engine as the most valuable enterprise application component.

March 6th, 2009 by Anatole Tartakovsky

I have been very quiet for very long time. It was not because I have nothing interesting to report. On the contrary, it was a roller coaster ride of application development. This year can be labeled something like “Rich Internet… continue reading

Introducing Enhanced Flex Components from Clear Toolkit Framework

March 5th, 2009 by Yakov Fain

The goal of this article is to give you a brief overview of some of the objects from clear.swc, which is a part of the open source Clear Toolkit framework available at https://sourceforge.net/projects/cleartoolkit. Component library clear.swc includes a number of… continue reading

Clear Data Builder: data synchronization in a multi-user environment

March 4th, 2009 by Yakov Fain

Clear Data Builder is a part of the open source Flex framework Clear Toolkit, see https://sourceforge.net/projects/cleartoolkit/. This blog introduces data-sync feature of CDB. When more than one client works with the same application and the same piece of data, Clear… continue reading